Some Issues

Hajj on Behalf of Another:

  • If a person has the ability to perform the Hajj but fails to do so because of [interminable] illness or oldage, someone else, without regard to sex, may perform the Hajj for him or her. Likewise, if a person dies without performing the Hajj, someone else [from their relations] may do so for him or her.
  • It is a precondition that the agent must have prior to the agency discharged the Hajj obligation on himself or herself.
  • In making Ihram, the agent mentions that he/she is undertaking the Hajj on behalf of his/her named principal. Thus, for example, the agent would say:
    “لبيك بحج عن***”
    In response to Your call and commemoration of Your service with Hajj on behalf of ***.” Thereupon, he commences the Talbiyyah.
  • All other actions, for example, throwing at the Jamrah, etcetera, are undertaken on behalf of the principal.