Wuquf ‘Arafah [Standing/Being Present at ‘Arafah]

  • After the Salahs, pilgims disperse onto the Plains of ‘Arafah. This area has been clearly demarcated. If the pilgrim is in doubt, he should not follow the crowd. Rather, he should make enquiry to make sure that he is on the Plains, as those who stand outside the limits of ‘Arafah have no valid Hajj.
  • The pilgrim stands in ‘Arafah, All of it is a standing place on that 9th day of Dhul Hijjah.However, the best place for standing, if it is feasible for the
    pilgrim, is where Allah's Messenger (peace and blessing of Allah
    be upon him) stood at the big rocks at the foot ofJabal Al-Rahmah
    [the Mount of Mercy] facing it and the Qiblah.
  • If the pilgrim cannot face the two, then he should face the Qiblah.
  • There is neither merit nor distinction in climbing the mountain.
  • The pilgrim should raise up his hands whilst making supplication.
  • He should strive to humble himself before Allah and make his heart present whilst, in an insistent, low, and subdued voice, he supplicates. He should be careful in his supplications here and elsewhere not to request for what is ordinarily impossible or what in the Shari’ah is impermissible.
  • The pilgrim should start and conclude his Du'a (supplication) by praising and glorifying Allah and paying salutations upon the Prophet (peace and Allah’s blessing be upon him).