Virtues and Benefits of the Hajj [and ‘Umrah]

The Scholars have mentioned, with reasons, over forty virtues and benefits for Hajj.and cUmrah. One of these has been narrated by Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reporting from the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), who said:

        "Whoever offers Hajj to this House without engaging in
         sensual indulgence or acting sinfully will return as pure as on
         the day his mother gave birth to him". –[Al-Bukhari]

The conditions for the Obligation (Wujub) of Hajj are as stipulated below:

  • To be a Muslim
  • To be sane
  • To have ability (to perform Hajj)
  • To be free (i.e. from slavery)
  • Adulthood

Ability includes the following:

  • To be Physically fit
  • Road safety
  • To Possess enough provision and the fare
  • A woman must be accompanied by either her husband or a mahram (a person whom she cannot legally marry);
  • A widow has to complete the "Iddah" period.