Forbidden acts in Ihram

  1. Sexual Intercourse. If sexual intercourse takes place before the First/Minor Release, it invalidates the Hajj. The invalidated Hajj must, nevertheless, be completed and repaid the following year. And a Fidya [sacrifice of a camel, a cow, or seven sheep] must also be offered..If it takes place after the First/Minor Release, this does not invalidate the Hajj. However, the pilgrim must offer a lamb in sacrifice, travel ut to Al-Hillu [i.e. Outside the Haram] to put on the Ihram anew in order to perform Tawaf Al-Ifadah. [The First/Minor Release is on the 10th Dhul Hajj after the pilgrim will have thrown at Jamrat Al-Aqbah, sacrificed the Hadya, and shaved or cut his hair short. The Second/Major Release is also on the 10th after the pilgrim has performed Tawaf Al-Ifadah, a pillar of the Hajj].
  2. The antecedents of sexual intercourse, such as kissing, caressing, amorous look, or amorous conversation.
  3. Wearing sewn clothes that fully or partially cover the body (for men only).
  4. Cutting off nails or removing hair from the body.
  5. Use of perfume on the body or on the clothes of Ihram.
  6. Covering the head and face (for men only).
  7. Wearing socks and full shoes. Pilgrims may wear any shoes that show the insteps
  8. Covering of the face with Niqab or the hands with gloves [for women only]. A woman may draw a veil over her face if and when she fears temptation.

    There is Fidya [Penalty] for each of infractions numbered 2 to 8, as described below. A pilgrim, in addition, should seek the forgiveness of Allah in respect of infraction number 2.
  9. Courting or ontracting marriage for oneself or on behalf of someone else..[No Fidya for it, but the marriage is null and void]
  10. Hunting, killing, or eating the flesh of wild, edible, terrestrial animals.
  11. Hunting within the Two Harams of Makkah and Madinah and cutting down the vegetation that grows naturally therein. [The Fidya for killing a game is “Restitution”, as detailed in Islamic Jurisprudence]
  12. Cutting the trees within the Haram [by pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike]
  13. Sinning, quarrelling or arguing which leads to anger, insulting and fighting.