Rules of Ihram

  • Cleanliness: This comprises cutting of finger and toe nails and the trimming of the moustache; shaving off the hair in the armpits and the pubic region; and taking bath. Menstruating women are not exempted from this. Performing the Ablution.
  • Wearing perfume, on the body only, before putting on the Ihram dress.
  • Putting off customary clothes and donning on the distinctive dress of the Ihram. Women shall wear on their customary clothes. However, they should avoid perfumed clothes, gloves, and the niqab. They may draw a veil over their faces if and when they fear temptation.
  • Performing an Obligatory Prayer, if its time is due. Otherwise, he performs two raka’ahs, as Sunnah of Wudu’u. In the first raka’ah he recites Al-Fatihah and Suratul Kafirun; in the second, he recites Al-Fatihah and Suratul Ikhlas. Immediately thereafter, he makes his intention and commences the Talbiyyah.