Miqat of Places

These are the places, or locations, from which the person who intends to make ‘Umrah or Hajj makes his intention and puts on the ihram wear. It is not permissible for persons wishing to perform the cUmrah or the Hajj to pass them without declaring their intentions and putting on the ihram wear. The Prophet (s.a.w.s) has described them for the people coming to Makkah from different directions. Thus:

  • The Miqat of Place for the people of Madinah is: Dhul-Hulaifa [also known as Abar Ali]. It is about 437 km north of Makkah;
  • The Miqat of the people of Sham is: Al Juhfah. It was a place 187 km north-west of Makkah. It has ceased to exist. A place called (Rabigh), 204 km from Makkah, now serves as the Miqat. However, the Nigerian Ulama on the platform of the Nigerian Supreme Council issued a FATWAH that based on the current circumstances; pilgrims from Nigeria can take their IHRAM from Jeddah.
  • The Miqat of the people of Iraq is: Dhat 'Irq. It is 98 km north-east of Makkah.
  • The Miqat of the people of Yemen is: Yalamlam. It lies 94 km south of Makkah.
  • The Miqat of the people of Najd is: Qarn Manazil. It lies 94 km east of Makkah.

These are the Miqats for Hajj and ‘Umrah for the people living and coming from those directions and anyone coming from those directions regardless of where he ordinarily lives.


  1. Anyone whose journey path to Makkah does no pass through these specified locations may make his intention and put on the ihram wear from any other place he may choose.
  2. For the people residing in Makkah [including those who offer Tamattu’] their Miqat are their residences. However, for anyone residing in Makkah and wishing to perform 'Umrah, his Miqat is the Hillu, i.e. outside Makkah beyond the Haram.The closest place is: (Al-Tan'eem).
  3. For persons residing between the Miqats and Makkah, their Miqats are the locations they live in.