Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Al-Hajj is the fifth of the basic pillars of Islam. Hajj is distinguished by the fact that it also brings together, within it, the teachings of the other four pillars.

In Arabic Languag e, Hajj is defined as the intention, aspiration, or heading for something [revered]; the intention or aspiration to visit.

The legal definition of the Hajj is a visit by specific persons to the House of Allah at Makkah in a specific manner, at specific times, for specific actions, under specific conditions in compliance with the command of Allah and for the purpose of attaining His pleasure.

On the other hand, in Arabic Language Umrah is defined as the visit that is associated with the cultivation of love. Its legal definition, however, is the visit of the Sacred House under specific conditions mentioned in the Islamic Jurisprudence for the purpose of Ibadah.